What Is It?

The 9.99/mo G.I.Lane™ sponsorship supports the mission of G.I.Lane™ which is to reduce disease and make the world a more healthy, happy place by creating affordable solutions to health and wellness problems. 

What comes with it? 

As a thank you for your contribution, please enjoy a trail size of all G.I.Lane™ products: 

1. G.I.Lane Meal Plan Book – Trail Size 

2. G.I.Lane Lifestyle Planner – Trail Size 

3. G.I.Lane’s Fit Enough Weightlifting Program – Trail Size


As an extra thank you, please enjoy access to the following:

  1. The G.I.Lane™250+ $5 Fit Food Meal Idea Member-Only Online Portfolio

How it works: 

Step 1: Click the button below. 

Step 2: Sign up with a card.  

Step 3: Access your member-only features listed below by logging into your account. 

Why is this Important?  


There is a lack of positive influence in the world. Many don’t know how to eat well on a budget with little time. We all want to work out but don’t know whats necessary and what’s a waste of time. 


This is because of societal, education and family problems. 


Education. 266 patrons at 9.99/month will pay for 30 hours of labor. 


SHORT TERM GOAL #1 – Keep a consistent presence in my audience’s lives

With under Patrons at 9.99/mo I am able to spend 1 hour / week posting one article about food, fitness or life to instagram.com/g.i.lane, facebook.com/gilane & G-I-Lane.com. 

[Explanation: (9*9.99/mo = 89.91. 89.91*.66 (66% take home) = 59.34/mo. 59.34/4.5 weeks per month = 13.18/week. 13.18/week divided by $15/hourly billing rate = .88 hour. .88 hour = 52 minutes. 

SHORT TERM GOAL #2 – Increase Quality of Content

At 25 patrons at 9.99/mo, I will be able to spend 2.5 hours / week posting once article about food, fitness or life to instagram.com/g.i.lane, facebook.com/gilane & G-I-Lane.com. 

[Explanation: (25*9.99/mo = 249.75. 249.75*.66 (66% take home) = 164.84/mo. 164.84/4.5 weeks per month = $36.63/week. $36.63/week divided by $15/hourly billing rate = 2.44 hours.

MEDIUM TERM GOALS – Post videos instead of articles

At 40 patrons at 9.99/mo I will be able to spend 4 hours / week posting one VIDEO about food, fitness or life to instagram.com/g.i.lane, facebook.com/gilane, G-I-Lane.com AND youtube.com/gilane. 

[Explanation: (40*9.99/mo = 399.6. 399.6*.66 (66% take home) = 263.74/mo. 263.74/4.5 weeks per month = $58.61/week. $58.61/week divided by $15/hourly billing rate = 3.90 hours. 

MEDIUM-LONG TERM GOALS – Post videos twice / week 

At 82 patrons at 9.99/mo I am able to spend 8 hours / week posting two videos about food, fitness and/or life to instagram.com/g.i.lane, facebook.com/gilane, G-I-Lane.com AND youtube.com/gilane

[Explanation: (82*9.99/mo = 820. 820*.66 (66% take home) = 540/mo. 540/4.5 weeks per month = $120/week. $120/week divided by $15/hourly billing rate = 8 hours.

LONG TERM GOAL #1 – Post videos three times / week  

At 178 patrons at 9.99/mo I will spend 20 hours / week posting three times / week 


LONG TERM GOAL #2 – Publish the 4th Edition of G.I.Lane’s Meal Plan Recipe book 

At 200 Patrons for 6 months I will pause posting articles & videos and spend 25 hours / week creating and working with a publisher to edit and print a 4th edition of G.I.Lane’s Meal Plan Recipe Book

[Explanation]*I only make $5/copy on each book. This project is not a for-profit model. 

LONG TERM GOAL #2 – Donate 30 hours / week to educating low-income families in America

At 266 Patrons / Month I will donate 30 hours / week to holding fitness field days at low-income schools around america and getting sponsors to provide hard-copy books to these schools. 


At some point after 266 patrons when operations are sustained by monthly memberships I’d like to set up a certain portion of profits of G.I.Lane to benefit other organizations dedicated to helping others such as: 

  1. International Refuge Committee
  2. 4Ocean 
  3. New York Bully Crew – ? CEO lives in fat house? All day everyday of his life is spent rescuing animals. 
  4. Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee 
  5. Second Chance Rescue 
  6. So Cal Bully Resure 
  7. Crayloa on IG – At risk 
  8. Horse ranch in Mailbu – At risk horses .. no need a less developed country charity. They have enough…? 
  9. Together we rise – Foster Children 
  10. Abused Women https://www.endslaverynow.org/sds-hope-house
  11. Clean Drinking Water 
  12. Disaster Relief 
  13. Child Health Education – G.I.Lane Foundation 

Future Features 

At 178 Patrons at 9.99/mo I will schedule the following 24 Once/Month Member-Only Rewards 

  1. Smoothie recipes (8.75 value) 
  2. Month 2 of my training program ($16 value) 
  3. Lunch recipe (8.75 value)
  4. Month 3 of my training program ($16 value)
  5. Pre-Workout Meals 
  6. G.I.Lane Hat
  7. Month 4 of my training program 
  8. Post-Workout recipes 
  9. Month 5 of my training program 
  10. Dinner recipes 
  11. Month 6 of my program 
  12. G.I.Lane Bracelet
  13. Late night snacks 
  14. Desserts 
  15. Snacks 
  16. Toppings recipes 
  17. Comfort Meals 
  18. My Clean Bulking Meal Plan 
  19. My Bulking Meal Plan 
  20. My Macro Calculator Chart 
  21. Popular diet overview 
  22. All things breakfast and protein 
  23. All things snack 
  24. All things lunch



Competitive Advantage: 


Thank you for Visiting. I sincerely hope we have the same goals and can partner together to make them happen. Cheers to your health and fitness. Thank you for your potential business. 


Updated: 11/1/18

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