Fit Enough Weightliftin’ (F.E.W)


Fit Enough Weightlifting by G.I.Lane© 



Fit Enough Weightlifting (F.E.W.) by G.I.Lane©

“Generally Good. For Most People.”

F.E.W.© is a Bare Minimum approach to Weight Lifting that helps men & women in their 30’s who work full time gain an affordable streamlined, biomechanically sound ENOUGH approach to physical activity to gain maximal results with minimal effort. 

Top 5 Benefits

Reduce Pain!

Protect & Strengthen your Joints

Lose Body Fat!

Get Results Fast!

It’s Affordable!

Top 5 Features

12 Month Plan

4 Days / week

1 Hour per session

(including corrective exercise warm up, resistance work and cool down)


Over 150 Progressional Programmed Progressive Training Sessions

More Benefits & Features

  • Improve mobility in feet, ankles, hips, knees, back, & shoulders
  • Increase flexibility
  • Build core strength without boring ab exercises
  • Stop strenqhting dysfunction
  • Reduce muscle imbalances
  • Gain knowledge, don’t just burn calories
  • Save time by doing compound exercises
  • Build muscle that burns your calories for you
  • Burn calories for 36 hours after a training session
  • Stop trying to “shock” the body – train professionally.
  • Get stronger
  • Tone your entire body
  • Gain lean body mass
  • Perform better, pain free
  • Feel confident while at the gym
  • Stop feeling & looking random at the gym
  • Get excited about each and every day
  • New challenges everyday
  • Save time
  • Focus on what’s important
  • Feel accomplished
  • Stop guessing your workouts
  • Simplify and maximize the time you spend in the gym.
  • Train without Pain
  • Have fun
  • Get excited about your training

  • Sets, Reps, Tempo, Rest & Weight Included
  • Superior approach to alter body composition
  • Based on the National Academy of Sports Medicine’s Optimum Performance Training Model
  • Includes a National Academy of Sports Medicine Corrective Exercise Warm Up

My Goals for Weight Lifting 

My Overall#1 Goal in Weight Lifting. 

I’m looking to do the bare minimum to get the maximal results. I’m looking for the most streamlined approach to weight lifting I can find. I’m not trying to compete in anything. I’m not trying to compare myself to my 20 year old self or other 20 year olds. I don’t have specific performance or measurement goals. I don’t do crossfit. I don’t like group classes. I’m a full time working woman who values her health but also likes to do other shit in life like yoga, meditate, spend time with my friends so needs a streamlined, efficient program. Weight lifting isn’t my main focus in life. I enjoy it a lot but my main focus now and forever in life is spirituality – knowing and becoming my true self. I’m just looking to maintain my body with weight lifting. I’m looking to do at the maximum 4 hours / week weight training to include corrective exercise to prevent my posture from worsening. I figure this is also the maximum bare minimum the majority of people can and should commit to. I personally don’t like the responsibility of having to go to the gym any more than 4 days / week. I went three days / week for months and lost a lot of weight, strength. I don’t have the energy or desire to go 5 days / week. Which I think is realistic for majority of people. So 4 days / week, 1 hour each is best. Each workout needs to not be longer than one hour including warm up and cool down and cardio. I learn from my friends who hit the gym 5 days / week for an hour and a half / day. They are manic after work. They are stressed when they miss the gym, they eat out because they don’t have time to cook,  Etc. 4 Hours / week would allow me and you to spend our day the ideal way in my opinion: 

Sleep: 8 Hours

Reading or Meditation: 30 mins 

Yoga or Training and Corrective Exercise: 1.5 hours  

Friend / Fun / Nature : 2 Hours 

Working: 8 Hours (5-5.5 days / Week) 

Home Stuff: 1 hour (Everyday)

Budgeting: 5min (Everyday) 

To-Do List Item: 1 hour (Everyday) 

Eating / Bathroom : 2 Hour 

My #2 Goal for Training

Look forward to and enjoy every single one of my training sessions. Why? If I have to exercise, which I have to because you have to be healthy and I want to be healthy because the things I like to do in life you have to be healthy for. I respect my body and want to treat it well. If I have to exercise I want to be able to enjoy it. I don’t want to kill myself every month of every year. Some months I want to be able to relax a little in the gym. See it more as therapy than a chore.

My #3 Goal for Training

Exercise enough to be healthy and look good but prevent overuse injuries. Why? I know I need to exercise to be healthy. I enjoy looking good – it allows me to live a better life in so many ways. I’m happier, more confident, better experiences. I want to prevent injury at all cost because I know the cycle that happens after injury and I’m not willing to go through that. I enjoy my lifestyle which is going to the gym 4 times / week. To stay healthy until the day I die. Why? Because I like to do shit. I need to be healthy to do shit. I want to do shit for the rest of my life.

My #4 Goal for Training

Get better at dips, push ups more than grow my triceps. I know getting better at these moments will keep my triceps in a hypertrophic enough state to keep me happy with my appearance but the function of doing these will serve me better long term. Be strong. I like being strong. Being useful. Being able to do things for people. I like the sense of achievement it gives me when I lift something heavy. I enjoying experiencing my body increasing ability to move a certain weight more reps, more sets, more weight, less strain, etc. I like practicing movements I can see myself get stronger at easily.

My #5 Goal for Training

Maintain a fit, aesthetic body. I enjoy the way I look. I want to maintain for the rest of my life. I’ve achieved this body only by continuous, dedicated exercise for 11 years. 

Why to Choose My Program Over Others  

I’ve designed a program to get you pain free. Other online programs won’t care about your pain.

Superior way to alter body composition continuously. I don’t just throw you on a boring ass treadmill for 45 minutes that only further increases your already tight hip flexors like other trainers & programs.

My program is a program you and your loved ones can do for the rest of your lives. Not some quick fix 12 week program other online coach’s offer that leave you looking for the next.

I’ve programmed a corrective exercise warm up that allows you to be your own physical therapist – not found in other programs.

I’ve paid over $20,000 learning the science behind weight lifting. Other programs and trainers aren’t even certified. Check out my certifications here.

No boring ass ab workouts that waste time and hurt your back like other trainers may.

My program is rehabilitative. I focus on 7 basic human movement patterns other trainers dismiss carelessly.

Programmed to prevent sprains & strains in muscles, ligaments and tendons that other programs may overlook and cause you to be out recovering from injury or overuse.

Fixes your feet & ankle with single leg exercises that other trainers don’t practice.

Reduces risk of knee injury while other programs increase it from poor programming.

Shred your abs without actually doing abs. I preach compound movements. Not crunch after crunch after crunch as prescribed by other trainers or programs.

My program is based on empirical evidence. Not babe or bro science found online like other programs.

You’ll look like you’re actually training at the gym instead of following so and so who has a 100K followers on instagram’s dumb ass booty building program just for attention.

You will gain knowledge and understanding of program design and feel like you know what you are doing instead of always being at the mercy of the next 12 week program coach.

My program can be followed by any individual at any age and any fitness level with almost any joint limitations while other programs aren’t safe for hardly even one population to follow, much less be applicable to the majority.

My program means my brand. I care about my reputation as an intellectual professional. Not a model or celebrity who are the face of other programs online.

Why I created this Program 

The number one problem I’m looking to solve with my program is pain. I’ve been lifting weights for 13 years. I’ve had my own experiences with pain that have put me out of training for weeks. That was until I went to personal training school in San Diego and received a certification in the National Academy of Sports Medicine’s Optimum Performance Training Model. Now I’m destined to solve and prevent this problem for others. LOW BACK PAIN affects nearly 80% of all adults. Thirty one million visits are made to physicians for back problems annually. It is the primary cause of musculoskeletal degeneration. Screw that! Not on my watch. There are 80,000 – 100,000 KNEE INJURIES annually. Nineteen million visits to physicians for knee problems annually. Nope. Not anymore with my program. Fourteen million visits to physicians for SHOULDER PROBLEMS, and 11 million visits to physicians for FEET & ANKLE PROBLEMSAmerican society has more structural imbalances and susceptibility to injury than ever before because of how we live on the computer and phone and because of how many are training improperly. There’s a lack of core strength, and shitty posture everywhere. I’ll pass on all this and hope you will too. By following my program people strengthen their core, gain function, fix their posture, and focus on human movement science all while getting gains.

Product Details

PDF: 48 pages

Publisher: G.I.Lane (December 31, 2017)

Language: English

How it Works 

Step 1: Check out using the link provided.

Step 2: Receive the program via PDF at the email on your order.

Step 3. Enjoy. Educate yourself and contact us with questions.

Thanks for Visiting!

Thanks for checking out all the benefits of my training program. I hope they are enough for it to be a no brainer that you should be training with me – G.I.Lane and me only. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. @G.I.Lane,, Thanks again and cheers to your life long fitness and health!