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The Answer to Time and Budget Friendly Meal Planning

1. American’s are Obese, Have Diabetes, Heart Disease & Hypertension

In 2012, 29.1 million Americans had diabetes. Millions also had heart disease, hypertension and obesity. The G.I.Lane Cookbook works to solve this problem by providing a cookbook that includes the following for each recipe:

-Exact calories

-Exact protein

-Exact carbohydrates

-Exact fat grams

Author Stephanie Lane includes the 6 meal plans she personally uses to reach her fitness goals and prevent all of diseases above:

-General (Not gaining or losing weight)

-Cutting (Body fat)

-Ketogenic (Low-Carb for quick weight loss)

-Clean Bulking (Gain lean muscle mass)

-Bulking (Gain Weight)

-Vegan (avoid animal products)

There are 88 RECIPES in the book. Most are low fat, low sugar and low sodium.

The grocery list in the book:

-keeps users selecting foods for their goal

-reduces exposure to junk food

-keeps the fridge stocked with good, healthy food so fewer poor decision are made

2. Americans are Broke

Learning to cook beans, potatoes, chicken, steak, fish, vegetables will actually save you a lot of money. The G.I.Lane Cookbook was written by Stephanie Lane who lives in San Diego, California with 8.7% sales tax and some of the highest living expenses in America yet sticks to a $500/month food budget. The recipes in this book are:

< $5

< 5 Ingredients

-Made from ingredients found at local grocery stores

-Batch cook friendly so you can make many at a time

The Grocery List in the book further helps save by reducing money spent on unnecessary food and reducing dollars spent in health care later from poor food decisions now. In 2014, $373.9 billion was spent on pharmaceuticals.

3. Americans have No Time

From experience as a Marine, government contractor, a student and entrepreneur, author Stephanie Lane can relate to not having time. This book only includes recipes that are:

< 5 ingredients

< 5 dishes

< 10 minutes per serving

-Researched, tested and backed by scientific evidence

The grocery list helps save time by

-preventing running back and forth

-reduces time thinking about what items to shop for

-reduces isles accessed in the store

-reduce trips to the store

-reduce time making decisions

4. Americans are Stressed & Depressed

Author Stephanie Lane has helped heal herself from stress and anxiety through streamlining her meal planning efforts and building a healthy relationship with food. Learning to cook for oneself can help reduce stress and depression by:

-taking the focus off of stressors

-spending healthy time with the self

-bringing the feeling of vacation into the everyday life

-gaining a sense of independence and freedom

-increase the value you bring

The grocery list in the book helps reduce stress & depression by

-reducing time spent wondering what to buy and second guessing choices

-reducing guilt or shame from eating poorly

-reducing stress of forgetting something at the store

-increases relaxation for the week with a piece of mind of a fully stocked fridge

-reduces anxiety about the future from current food choices

5. Registered Dietitians don’t Fit the Bill 

Many Registered Dietitians, Nutritionist and Doctors are overweight. They aren’t experts in culinary arts or human behavior. This book is Written by a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Weight Loss Specialist, Former U.S. Marine, Psychology graduate Stephanie Lane. Her daily life is showcased on instagram @G.I.Lane & @G.I.LaneMealPlanBook,, or wordpress at She practices what she preaches.

This book helps fill this gap by providing:

-a throughout review of each popular diet and an explanation of what’s missing in each with cited references

-recommendations set forth by the Food and Nutrition board with cited references

-40 recipes that are vegan

Thank you for checking out the G.I.Lane Cookbook. To read about G.I.Lane© visit Cheers to your fitness and health!


Additional Features

  • Weekly Meal Plan showing a combination of all 6 meal plans for reality
  • Pictures Included
  • Full Color
  • Food Decision Road Map
  • Eating Well Continuum
  • Stress Reducing List
  • Taste test for each recipe
  • Alternatives listed for recipes when appropriate
  • Prep & cook time for each recipe
  • Annotation whether each recipe is best prepared by one or two people
  • The serving / yield of each recipe
  • How many dishes are dirtied for each recipe
  • Annotation whether the recipe is batch cook friendly or not
  • Suggestions for what each recipe is best for what occasion
  • Notes about who contributed to each recipe
  • Cited research articles

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Thank you for your interest in the G.I. Lane Meal Plan Recipe Book. Your support means the absolute world to us and we cannot possibly exist without you.


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